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good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. an off duty san jose police wasted no time on stepping in and thwarting a robbery as it occurred on a train. they heard a fellow passenger yell out for help. rob roth spoke to he and his fiance. >> reporter: police officers are never really ever off duty. just ask a police sergeant who was on his way to get a marriage license. san jose police sergeant coda was riding b.a.r.t. to san francisco with him was his fiance. >> we were headed to san francisco to get our marriage certificate. >> reporter: when they got to the b.a.r.t. police station, they heard a
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commotion. >> i heard, he has my purse, he has my purse. someone help me. >> i asked him not to get involved. >> but i had to get involved. >> reporter: cotto, son of actor john cotto says approached the man. >> i'm scared, i'm terrified, this is my partner. >> reporter: cotto stayed on the train, he still had a marriage license to get. >> my big surprise, afterward the whole train got up and cheered for us. >> i'm proud of him. >> i am very proud to have done this because this may have been my last arrest. i'm retiring and it was a nice way to go out. >> reporter: the couple did make it to their marriage
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license appointment with four minutes to spare. reporting live in san jose, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a second woman was charged today in the killing of a man in his monte cerreno home. she is the first person charged in connection with the death of silican valley tech investor cumra. the judge did not grant bail. her next court appearance is set for next thursday. the teacher from brentwood convicted of kicking an autistic student three years ago has been stripped of her teaching credential. the brentwood superintendent says that deena holman's three credentials have been cancelled. a day of action was called today in an effort to end gun
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violence. jade hernandez live in palo alto this evening where one of many events being held in support of gun reform is taking shape at this hour. >> reporter: frank organizers say if you care about ending gun violence you need to be here at linton plaza in palo alto. cameras have already been lit. a good crowd has gathered. we were in oakland a few hours ago. >> reporter: on this day of action to end gun violence, a small group gathered. >> i live in west oakland. >> reporter: organizers for action volunteer manuel salazar joined others earlier today. their message a thank you to the congresswoman. >> she has taken a stance to keep our community safer. >> reporter: keep fighting for gun control is what her supporters are asking congresswoman lee to do. >> whether it's universal background checks. whether it's you know, a return of the band on assault rifles. whether it's a ban on high
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capacity magazines, we were hoping for something. >> reporter: the congresswoman told us its encouraging to see these types of efforts but she says she's also pushing for a federal gun buy back program. the nonprofit protect your children bay area inc agrees they are going to host a gun buy back tomorrow morning. each working gun turned in could be worth up to $300. we're live at linton plaza in palo alto. you can see signs here, protect children not guns. this candlelight vigil will be held tonight. we'll have more for you tonight at 10:00. jade hernandez, ktvu. an oakland man spent taste of freedom as he was released for a crime he did not commit. david stevenson has the story. >> reporter: he did spent seven years behind bars for a crime
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he did not commit but he walked free from santa rita jail two hours ago. he's leaving jail today a happy man. >> there's a lot of, a lot of heaviness came off my shoulder. so i feel blessed for the judge. because at one time i was thinking that the judge was just, you know being hateful toward me. >> reporter: back in 2006, ross was convicted of attempted murder in oakland and assault with a firearm. he was sentenced to 25 years to life behind bars in san quentin. today a judge ordered ross to be released after evidence showed he was innocent. >> i'm going to go back with my kids and my family. take a vacation. >> reporter: ross' mother says she was in prayer that her son would come out of this ordeal. it took seven years to get her son back home. >> i am worried about that. because he can't take that life back. i don't know how my son has
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been treated. >> i stayed positive at all times. >> reporter: now that he's out there's a tough life ahead. the california innocence project will also help him adjust. he wants to help at risk kids. he says he no longer has hard feelings toward law enforcement but he does have some advice. >> i just want them to do better investigations, look deep down inside themselves to see is this really the person who has committed the crime or hasn't committed the crime. >> reporter: ross says he wants to go to louisiana and be with his family. but tonight all he cares about is having dinner with his mom, that dinner shrimp and oysters. police are looking into a stan -- stand off with police that happened today at 3:30. police evacuated near by homes. they arrested a man about an
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hour later. the new bay bridge did not escape unscathed when a crane collapsed beneath it. crews were using it to remove steel supports underneath the bridge. caltrans says the collapse did some minor cosmetic damage to the under side of the east bay span. an investigation is now under way into what caused that collapse. preparations are well under way for this evening's chinese new year's parade where hundreds of people will ring in the year of the snake. david stevenson is live now in san francisco with the last minute work. david. >> reporter: julie the parade is now about 23 hours away. we're seeing some of the last minute preparations taking place here in union square. as you can see they brought out the barricades have set up channel 2 camera, one of our cameras in a tend for the broadcast of the event. we caught some of the last
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minute work going on in pier 54 this afternoon to complete the parade's 24 floats. this event is being called the largest celebration of asian culture outside of asian. a big change this year comes in the parade route. the path for these floats have been changed because of a huge central construction project downtown. the parade will head to sutter street which we learned could pose a problem for some of these big floats. >> some of the coroners have gotten distinctively tighter. we ran the rout but now i understand it has changed again. we have a back up plan. we just disconnect them. we have a lot of hand muscle around the corner. >> reporter: the lunar year celebration continues tonight here in san francisco. here you see this china town usa2012. her successor will be crowned tonight in a black tie ball in union square. good weather tomorrow could
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bring out as many as 1.2 million people to enjoy the parade. their advise this year is to take public transit. get here around noon and be prepared to stick around a little later to enjoy the party and the streets after the parade concludes. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. and again you can watch the chinese new year parade live right here on ktvu at 6:00 tomorrow night. i'll be cohosting along with ben fong torrez. we hope you will join us. tonight we got a look at just how much money school area districts will get under governor jerry brown's proposal to boost school spending. essentially here's how it will work. each school district will get a base amount of money per student. however the governor's new equation includes extra funding for districts with a large number of low income students, foster children, or kids who are learning english. the state department of finance says just released budget projections for every
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school district in the state and what we want to do now is take a look at a couple that show how this new funding model will work. first, let's look at the oak grove elementary school district in san jose. its projected to get one of the largest increases of 7%. 99% of its students qualify as low income and 29% are english learners. now just a few miles up the road is cambrian elementary school district in san jose. it's not going to lose any money but it won't be gaining any extra money either. 12% of its students are low income. 14% speak english as a second language. now has posted a complete list of funding projections just look under hot topics to see how your schools funding will be impacted. doesens -- dozens of
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people came to a rally to get recognition harvey milk. supporters say renaming sfo after harvey will be a way to honor the lgbt movement. >> he is the leader of a movement that would not have started without his participation and unfortunately his death. >> reporter: critics say it would be too costly and confusing for travelers who have become accustomed to the sfo moniker. central valley democrat michael rubio announced today that he is resigning after two years in office. that means democrats now have 26 senate seats, one shy of the 2/3 needed to keep their supermajority. a super majority would let democrats pass tax changes or override vetoes. rubio's district new baker's field will hold a special election to fill his seat.
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pg & e held a special election. crews lowered a wireless robot into a transmission line on caleb place and jane way. the company that makes the robot shows how it works, the robot has a camera attached to it and allows crews to inspect the condition of the pipes without turning off the service. pg & e says this is the first time it has used this type of technology. in four minutes millions on looming deadline that could affect your weekend plans. coming up after the break. hear more from one of the speed freak killers about the search for possible remains. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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convicted serial killer shermantine says he is no longer cooperating with investigators. the conversation comes a day after the fbi announced agents are ending their week's long excavation of an abandoned well in san joaquin county without finding any human remains. >> watching the arial photos from where they were digging were sent to me. and they're off by about a quarter mile. i told them you're digging in the wrong spot. they rejected my phone calls. i tried calling them five times finally i said screw it. i'm done with them. >> the location of the fbi search was only 200 yards from a last site where last year investigators found remains of two women and a fetus thought to be victims of the speed freaks. 27-year-old jason pedrosa
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turned h himself in to police today. he is accused of trying to have sex with young girls. according to pleasant hill police, pedroza was an actor and instructor at a local theater group within contra costa including the lesure center and ballet center. he facing child molestation and sexual battery. it could mean some of the big changes for some of the most treasured sites here in the bay area. john sasaki is live now in san francisco with the steps national park officials are getting ready to make if officials don't act soon. >> reporter: that's the ferry that takes people out to alcatraz. thousands of people visit there every day. but after march 1st, those who go there will see a less well kept facility. bag pipes wailed in the golden gate area in san francisco. a nice complement and nice weather near the golden gate bridge. >> it was beautiful. it's scenic.
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>> reporter: but storm clouds are forming over all national parks because of the impending sequester. if it happens the parks would see an immediate 5% cut. >> that would come down to $1.4 million for the golden gate national recreational area. fort point national historic site. >> reporter: that would meanless maintenance. >> trash cans would be emptied less frequency, restrooms cleaned less frequently. trail work cut back. >> reporter: the marin head lands visitor center is an important way for learning about the region and its history. >> places such as this at least for high schools is very important. >> reporter: but that may mean the hours may be slashed the same goes for the historic site. that discourages visitors. >> making it up like a really family oriented. really nice environment. it brings tourists here.
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tourists mean a booming economy. that's one of the things you lover about san francisco because it's so nice. >> reporter: as for alcatraz, it too would be part of the sequester. >> we would see a reduction in maintenance activities. >> reporter: the ggnra is making plans for the cuts but like everyone, they are hoping for a quick resolution. the california judge association threw its support behind a proposed constitutional amendment that would shrink the size of juries in order to save money. the plan would cut the current jury size from 12 down to eight for misdemeanors. judges are also proposing legislation that would cut the number of challenges the prosecutors and defense attorneys can make to perspective jurors. >> we think it leans down the season not huge, won't change outcomes at all we don't believe. but will economize and bring some efficiency at a time we really need it. >> reporter: the new proposal comes as budget cuts threaten
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to close courtrooms and court staff all over the state. some defense attorneys oppose the plan saying it could threaten the diversity of juries and the right for a fair trial. a new federal grant will help two bay area schools. the three schools will collaborate at a program aimed at promoting invasion. a very warm day out there today for the time of year, february. 54 in santa rosa. napa was 65 degrees. look at antioch at 66. you're touching on upper 60s here. i'm sure some areas did get into the upper 60s. san mateo was 61 degrees. we're tracking this system as it comes down. i wish it would bring us a lot
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of rain but it's not going to. numbers are going to go from where they were today which is some mid-60s and low 60s down to the mid-60s. we will probably see most temperatures in the 50s so cooler tomorrow. current temperatures 66 in concord, 69 in antioch. the system as it comes in will increase the clouds and will bring us a slight chance of a sprinkle as we go into late tonight early tomorrow morning but we're all asleep. you're not going to notice it. you may wake up with a little bit of wet on the ground. i think it'll get breezy tomorrow afternoon as that system clears out. so it'll be a crisp clear day probably need a jacket or sweatshirt. with the wind the 50s will feel clearer than that. frost in some of the inland bay valleys. just above freezing in the coldest spots and upper 30s low 40s. this is a system i'm tracking. they're supposed to go a lot of times they'll come down like this or around like this. it probably goes to the eastern
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corner of california and takes the strength. the strongest dynamics with it. that's why i can't get you any rain around here. that's why it's not going to happen for us in this particular storm. if you go way out there into next week, it's not going to happen again. we're dry into next week too as this high pressure sets up. so, you know boy we need rain, we won't get it. but it's not happening in the bay and it's not happening here. it pushes the system through and it basically falls apart. sunday turns out to be a beautiful clear day. forecast highs tomorrow, lots of 60s, 59 in livermore. 60 in redwood city. the seven day forecast with the weekend in view, it's hard to compare to the rest of the country we're doing great. but it would be nice if this thing would drop a half inch of rain. not going to happen. it's going to be a nice weekend. >> so clear out today. >> really beautiful. >> beautiful yeah. >> like spring. >> it is, thank you bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36.
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five bay area airports could face closure within one week. we'll take you to one airport where business is up in the air. and a shooting we first told you about yesterday. the case of mistaken identity that may lead to charges for one resident. join us on tv 36. >> what does coach harbaugh have in common with judge judy? next.
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a new usgs study is predicting an increase in earthquake. the likelihood of higher death tolls increases. and particularly vulnerable are third world nation with more lax building codes. they predict there will be 21 catastrophic earthquakes this century. that is triple the number compared to last century. the usgs says the study
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illustrates for more seismic safety. and frank is back and he spoke to coach harbaugh. >> when he speaks we listen. we may not understand but we listen. all the braniacs is in town for the combine. harbaugh said today that san francisco probably won't release quarterback alex smith. whether smith stays or gets traded is still unclear. jim also talked about the importance of being truthful during the interview process. >> i'm a big fan of the judge judy show. and when you lie in judge judy's courtroom, it's over. your credibility is completely lost. you stand no chance of winning that case. very powerful. and true. because if somebody does lie to you, then how can you ever trust anything they ever say after that.
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>> absolutely. and judge judy may want to hear this next case too. sa -- sacramento state is on the mound. will soto takes down young. and it's a bench clearing melee. yes melee in sac state's season opener. that's just a slobber knocker. this just happened today. young was ejected. highlander still won the game 2- 1. we will update the situation for you tonight at 10:00. sharks will visit chicago tonight. they're playing right now leading 1-0. blackhawks can set a new record. highlights on both of those games tonight. julie and frank, what a way to start the season. >> the first game and they're whacking each other. >> the thing is, they play two
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games against each tomorrow and on sunday. so hopefully, tempers will -- >> cool off a bit. >> who writes this stuff for him? >> thanks, fred. their daughter died after leaving a music festival and walking alone in the snow. tonight on the 10:00 news her parent's push to keep teens safe by making sure they never leave a party alone.

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